Travelling around Taipei



Taipei City has a very clean, efficient and safe Mass Rapid Transit system known most commonly as the MRT, but also called Metro Taipei. Muzha line, which connects to Taipei Zoo, is a driverless elevated system. The last trains depart at midnight. Fares are between NT$ 20 and NT$ 65 for one-way trips around town. Stations and trains are clearly identified in English, so even for those who cannot read Chinese the MRT system is very accessible. All stops are announced in four languages: Mandarin, English, Taiwanese Hokkien and Hakka. Most stations have information booth/ticket offices close to the ticket vending machines. Eating or drinking is prohibited past the fare gates. Trains generally run from 6:00 to midnight, with convenient bus connections outside the stations.





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By Taxi 
The standard yellow cabs scour roads looking for potential riders. It is possible but generally unnecessary to phone for a taxi. To hail one, simply place your hand in front of you parallel to the ground. Not all drivers can converse in English or read westernized addresses. Have the hotel desk or a Taiwanese associate write out your destination in Chinese, and also take a business card from the hotel. Show the driver the Taiwanese writing of where you are going. Taxis are visibly metered, and cab drivers are strictly forbidden from taking tips. A maximum of four people can ride in one cab, and for the price of one.



By Bus

Taipei has a local bus service, route maps are almost entirely in Chinese, though the destinations indicated on the front of buses are in English. If you're staying at a hotel, have the clerk suggest some routes for you, and circle your destination on the map. Show this to the bus driver, and he/she will hopefully remember to tell you when to get off.



Uber launched its private driver service in Taipei, offering quality, safety and convenient service at an affordable price.



In the hope of elevating life and culture in the city and in response to a global trend of energy conservation and carbon mitigation, the Taipei City Government, in collaboration with Giant Taiwan, initiated the Taipei Bike Sharing System Service Plan, also known as “YouBike”.


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