Local Organizing Committee

 Jia-Ruey Duann (Chair)

 CIE Chinese Taipei President

 Industrial Technology Research Institute

 Tien-Rein Lee

 CIE Chinese Taipei Vice President

 Chinese Culture University

 Steven Lin

 CIE Chinese Taipei Vice President

 Taiwan Lighting Fixture Export Association

 Bily Wang

 CIE Chinese Taipei Vice President

 Harvatek  Corporation

 Tzeng-Yow Lin

 CIE Chinese Taipei  Secretary- General

 Industrial Technology Research Institute

 Rex Chuang

 Taiwan Optoelectronic  Semiconductor  Industry Association

 Lite-On Technology Corp

 Ming-Chih Huang

 Taiwan Lighting Fixture Export   Association

 Kingtec Lighting Co, LTD.

 Horng-Ching Hsiao

 Taiwan LED Lighting Industry  Association

 National Taiwan University of Science and  Technology

 Bin-Li Chung  President of The Illuminating  Engineering Society of Taiwan  President of Taiwan Power Company

 Ching-Cherng Sun

 National Central University


 Jong-Wei Whang

 National Taiwan University of  Science  and Technology



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