Keynote Speakers

Ed Ebrahimian is the General Manager of the Bureau of Street Lighting in the City of Los Angeles. He has more than 30 years of experience with the City. Appointed General Manager 11 years ago, he is responsible for the 2nd largest municipal street lighting system in the USA with over 215 000 streetlights and 400 different styles ranging from modern, decorative to historic.

Mr. Ebrahimian will present the overview of Street Lighting in the City of Los Angeles including Modern and Decorative LED Conversion Programs. His presentation will include deployment of Controls and Smart City Initiatives and how in recent years, streetlights have become desirable for deployment of new technologies and various cutting edge and revenue generating applications.



Patrick Fan is Vice President Sales & Marketing of Epistar Corporation. He received his BSc in Physics at Soochow University, Taiwan and his MSc in Physics at the National Central University, Taiwan.
Currently he is Vice President, Sales & Marketing, of Epistar Corporation.

Mr. Fan will give a presentation on "Future Smart Living LEDilized by Today’s III-V Optoelectronics":

It’s been more than 50 years since LED was invented. Throughout the years the academy and industry have brought this opto-electronics device to almost every aspect of our lives. The compact, high efficiency, fast-switching, multi-wavelength features have enabled many new functionalities unseen in the past. New frontiers are explored by integrating different type of III-V Opto devices. In this Keynote the audience will learn advanced technologies available today, experts insights about application integration, and amazing possibilities that III-V Optoelectronics can bring to this ever evolving smart world we live in.