Invited Speakers

Invited Speakers



Oral Presentation Session (in alphabetical order)



Presentation Topic

Miyoshi Ayama

Utsunomiya University

Kansei evaluation of colour images in various colour gamuts using different red primaries

Saori Kitaguchi

Kyoto Institute of Technology

Pedestrians support system using visible light communication

Yasuki Yamauchi

Yamagata University

Psychophysical approach for evaluation of oled panel performance

Yoko Mizokami

Chiba University

Stable colour appearance among change in the diffuseness of illumination


Invited Seminar Session (in alphabetical order)



Presentation Topic

Akashi Yukio

University of Fukui

Impact of ageing changes in human visual system on discomfort glare sensation and printed text readability

Ching-Cherng Sun

National Center University

LED SSL : from lighting technology to lighting quality and intelligence

David Sliney

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

The visual field of view and non-visual effects

Fumiaki Obayashi


Intellectual concentration index and room enviroment lighting

Hirohisa Yaguchi

Chiba University

Do ipRGCs affect to color matches between metameric white lights?

Luoxi Hao

Tongji University

Health lighting: from evidenced-based design to application

Minchen Wei

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Quantification of external lighting on human circadian system in metropolises at night

Ming Ronnier Luo

University of Leeds/National Taiwan University of Science and Technology/Zhejiang University

Modelling glare and colour appearance of light stimuli using a unrelated colour appearance model

Norimichi Tsumura

Chiba University

Material appearance management with relighting using light field camera

Sato Tetsuya

Kyoto Institute of Technology

Colour depth: A key for understanding the relationship among colour systems, colour tones, and colour emotions

Shoji Tominaga

Chiba University

Appearance simulator of fluorescent objects under different light sources

Taiichiro Ishida

Kyoto University

Influence of correlated color temperature and duv of illumination on visual impression of a lighting space

Tongsheng Mou

Zhejiang University

Blue light evaluation for health centric lighting

Youngshin Kwak

Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology

Hue and warm-cool feeling of lighting colors

Yung Kyun Park

Ewha Womans University

Color appearance for virtual reality system display


Panel Discussion Session (in alphabetical order)




Dionyz Gasparovsky

Slovak University of Technology

CIE Division 4

John O'Hagan

Laser and Optical Radiation Dosimetry Group, Public Health England

CIE Division 6

Youngshin Kwak

Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology

CIE Division 1